TRIVIUM : The Classical School Curriculum

A Proven Approach to Education



The science of basic facts that forms the foundation.

In the Grammar Stage, the student memorizes a lot of facts in an enjoybale manner. They learn such facts as  multiplication tables, grammar structure, vocabulary, linguistics and geography facts.

They learn the facts utilizing songs, chants and jingles.



The science of reasoning and thought.

In the Logic stage he or she learns how the facts relate to each other.

Here the student begins to understand the information learned, reasons and asks logical questions. 

It is crucial that the child begins to learn to analyze and organize facts in light of the other information he/she has laready learned.



The science of verbal and written expression.

In Rhetoric, the child learns how to research and relay or articulate the facts.

Students go beyond the memorization and logical sequencing of information to presentation.

This is the crown jewel of classical education and results in a poised, mature, critically thinking young man or woman wiht adult level articulation that is beautiful, compelling and convincing in manner.

The Classical School's Curriculum is Comprehensive and Integrated.

Lessons are not presented as a group of isolated subjects. All subjects are taught in realtion to each other, all of life and history.

The student grows and advances as she or he sees correlations such as how the Bible corresponds with astronomy or how science impacted literature.

The students are taught in such a way that he or she begins to see patterns, make connections and understand causal relationships.

Although Classical Education is an old concept, modern subject matter is taught, but with the threefold trivium method and therefore in a more in depth format.

There are more than 200 schools in the Christian and Classical School Association. Thousands of parents worldwide have returned to this Classical teaching method, with astounding results!

Three out of four classical students consistently achieve scores in the highest possible range on national and
international standardized tests. If not, they score well above average in standardized achievement tests.


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